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Simplicity: Powered by QuickPayNet®;

QuickPayNET® is the “Reason to Believe”. It is a common, internet-based technology platform that for the first time connects all stakeholders together – Employers/Plan Administrators, Members and Providers.

As a claims transaction system, QuickPayNET® will accomplish the five steps of the claims payment process on line and in real-time – for all claims. It eliminates the need for debit cards and all of their hidden costs. Regardless of whether the claim is for the HSA, self-insured retention or the stop loss layer, QuickPayNet® is the first system to provide true point of service adjudication.

As a communication tool QuickPayNET® connects all parties together via a single internet portal. The ability to share data and instantly communicate begins the process of aligning the interests of all stakeholders.

On Line & Real-Time Claims Processing

QuickPayNET® completes all five steps of the claims process on line and in real-time. It accomplishes in 30 seconds (the time required to enter a claim) what the current health care system typically takes 30+ days to accomplish.

Empowering the Consumerism Movement

Much has been discussed about “consumerism” as a way to reign in the runaway costs of health care. In concept, it is a step in the right direction.

In practice, however, consumerism will not live up to its potential without the ability to connect all parties via a common technology platform.

That platform has arrived. It is named QuickPayNET®, and Simplicity Health Plans has proprietary access to it.

Debit Cards are a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Yes, Debit Cards are a Disaster Waiting to Happen…the truth is that it is already happening! Members with Debit cards have discovered that they can use pre-tax dollars for everyday goods and services just by checking out at the Pharmacy swipe machine, because that machine has a merchant code of Pharmacy. So, at the big retail stores with a Pharmacy, Members can buy whatever they want with their HSA funds. Funds that were at one time spent by you, the employer, within a lower deductible to pay for that very Member’s health bills! We all know that even a Self Insured employer’s plan has underwriting to it. So, what will happen when Members continue to spend money on “Stuff” instead of their healthcare? It may even be “Stuff” that negatively impacts the member’s own health. The IRS knows this is happening and is actually trying to curtail the use of HSA debit cards in the big retailers. If the IRS is concerned, the Employer should be more than doubly concerned. Simplicity Health Plans eliminates the Debit card altogether. Our card is NOT SWIPEABLE. All transactions take place within our approved vendor/provider domain directly and securely over the Internet. With Simplicity there’s no chance that one of your employees will buy a case of beer with their HSA funds, at least not as long as they work for you.

Steps To Process a Claim

To frame the weaknesses of debit cards for paying HSA claims, one must first understand the claims payment process. Five distinct steps must take place to fully process a health insurance claim, HSA or otherwise:

5 Steps To Pay A Health Insurance Claim

An HSA claim cannot be fully completed until all five steps are accomplished.

Debit Card Technology is Very Limited

A swipeable debit card can only process two pieces of information:

  1. A Merchant Code, identifying the merchant by class of business
  2. A gross charge amount

Ask yourself if your debit/credit card statement can itemize all of the individual products purchased at a retail store or tell you what meal or beverages you had at a restaurant. The answer is no, the statement cannot provide that level of detail. Why? Because the debit card can only process two pieces of information.

A debit card transaction is highlighted below. The debit card’s weaknesses for processing HSA claims start to become clearly visible.

Debit Cards Require an Extra Step

Instructions with HSA debit cards tell the Member to not pay claims at the Provider’s office with their cards. Why? An “extra step” is required to determine the correct charges and then have the responsible party pay them.

Debit card payments require that the Provider and the Member both engage in an extra step:

  • Providers must “double bill”: First they submit the claim to the health plan to have it properly adjudicated & repriced. The health plan then transmits back to the Provider the properly priced claim, which defines the Member’s obligations under the HSA plan. Providers must then balance bill the Member for their HSA deductible obligations.
  • Members must now wait for the Explanation of Benefits and balance bill from the Provider, often weeks after the appointment. Once received, they then either write a check or use their debit card to complete the HSA transaction

The extra step is required because the debit card’s technical limitations prevent them from completing the five steps of the claims process at the point of service.

Hidden Costs of Debit Cards

HSA debit cards make an already confusing claims process even more complex.

While not widely discussed, there are hidden costs to using debit cards.