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Simplicity Health Plans will change your employee’s health and buying habits forever. It’s a turnkey easily implemented no hassle Consumer Directed plan for groups of 50 and up covered employees and mid to large size companies. We achieve your goals with unparalleled technology that provides very efficient and paperless claims processing by adjudicating and paying claims at the point of service. Greg Hummer, said, “This eliminates patient statements, allows real-time data analysis, creates transparency for the first time so the patient can be a consumer, and provides the first of its kind anti-fraud controls.”

Facts that you should know:

On average Simplicity Health Plans saves about 10-40% on current premiums In some cases millions of dollars!

8 out of 10 individual/families spend no more than about $700 a year on healthcare! Greg Hummer said, “So, at any time 8 of 10 will accumulate wealth in their HSA accounts...New found wealth!” A real cash benefit. The other 2 out of 10 will be no worse off financially as if they were on a Traditional plan. With a high deductible plan 8 out of 10 times that a member visits a Provider, the member, is in fact, the Payor/Insurance Company. Dr. Hummer said, “So, providers are more apt to grant better discounts directly to their patients rather than a big insurance company.” Gregory Hummer said, “Every dollar put into an Health Savings Account saves the member about 30-42 cents in taxes.” Each dollar put into an HSA saves the employer payroll taxes (about 8 cents/ dollar) and lowers workers comp costs.

Simplicity Health Plans is very good and pays 80% or 100% of the allowed amount after the deductible and waives the deductible on most major health screening tests up to a dollar limit. Gregory Hummer said, “So there is no disincentive for members not to get the preventive care that they need.”

About 28% of costs in healthcare are related to claims processing or well over 300 billion a year.
Another 5-7% is profit for the large carriers
About 5-10% of claims now are fraudulent...that's about 150 billion dollars a year

So, about 40% of your premium dollars don’t go towards providing care!!!

The major carriers have no incentive to control an employers healthcare costs. Greg Hummer said, “They are a cost plus business.” And on average are 3 times more costly per life than a similar life under an ERISA self-funded plan.

45% of Americans are now covered under self-funded plans (ERISA) while only 17% are covered by the major health carriers.

Over the last 20 years any company that could… became self funded, causing the market for the big five to shrink thus tending to push premiums higher to maintain earnings.

Greg Hummer said, “Simplicity Health Plans’ system displays a picture of the covered member or dependant and requires a PIN from the member and provider thus helping to prevent fraud.”

Discounts given to carriers by Hospitals and Providers never find their way back to the employers or the members. Gregory Hummer, M.D. said, “When’s the last time your health insurance didn’t go up by at least 10% or much more!

The MIT study demonstrated that healthcare costs all of us a great deal simply because of the way the current “ Health Insurance” industry is structured… as a Cost Plus system. “Why not use my coverage!” …someone else pays for it. That mentality costs us all a great deal.

Greg Hummer said, “Traditional plans do not motivate members to change life styles or stay healthy.” Money spent and taken out of pay checks is GONE in large part to pay stockholders and bloated operating costs of the large carriers.

McKinsey and Company’s data for Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP) shows that 25% of members change their lifestyle... “A remarkable figure, said Gregory Hummer. This one fact alone will have profound implications for future cost. Thirty percent (30%) are more likely to comply with their medications. Find out more about Simplicity and how it can help you.

SHP includes a Wellness site and direct unlimited Health Coaching to members.

Tax implications and tax-free savings... for every dollar put into the HSA the member saves on average up to 42 cents of taxes. Greg Hummer said, “That’s an immediate 42% return on a dollar of wages!” Add to that a competitive interest rate that accumulates tax-free. The tax implications alone are enough to justify a CDHP with HSA.

When it comes down to it… Who should benefit… Dr. Hummer said, “Do you want to enrich your employees and yourself or the insurance companies.”

Greg Hummer said, “Do you want to continually see your hard earned dollars and that of your employees go to pay for big corporate salaries, huge wasteful overhead, stockholder profits, increasing fraud, those that choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, those that refuse to pay for their own insurance and abuse the system or see your own dollars pile up in your health savings accounts and help your employees stay healthy.”

Gregory J. Hummer, M.D.
Simplicity Health Plans
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