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About Ohio BWC Wellness Program

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CDHP/HSA Point of Service Payment & Implementation Platform - Use Standalone or with our other products

Simplicity Health Plans has the only Point-of-Service adjudication and payment platform called QuickPayNet. Our primary emphasis is on full replacement CDHP/HSA programs.

The point of service platform completely integrates claims processing and HSA administration. You no longer need 3 or 4 separate systems. The QuickPayNet platform has unique patent pending features that eliminates all of the drawbacks of implementing a high deductible consumer health plan.

The QuickPayNet platform does away with the Debit Card, Member bills, Member hassle, HR headaches, most fraud and provides a mechanism to ease employees into a higher deductible plan. This product is available to any TPA at no capital cost. We derive our revenue by including a pe/pm rate in your client's monthly admin charge. So, call today!

About Simplicity Health Plans' CDHP/HSA Platform called QuickPayNet

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Small Group Health - Self Funded Programs 10 Employees and Up - Save 10-30%

Learn More About Small Group Self-Funding and View Case Studies

We Have Saved Clients Millions!

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Published Article in CDHC Solutions On Small Group Self Funding For Download

Total Wellbeing Assessment - Health Index Calculator - Bridges the Gap Between Physical Health and Financial Wealth.

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Download PDF: Health Index Calculator

August 2012 Published Article About the Health Index Calculator (Institute for Healthcare Consumerism)

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Consulting Services - Strategic Wellness Plan Designs

The StayFit Plan offers comprehensive wellness consulting services by Certified Wellness Experts. Learn More

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The Med Negotiator - Member Balance Bill Negotiation Advocacy Program - Coming Soon

This program helps the general public and your members save even more money on their medical bill balances that remain after the insurance part of the claim is paid. Today with high deductible plans and larger co-pays, members are left with large balances that we can help negotiate on their behalf. It's really simple. Anyone that has a balance due on a medical bill can use this service! There is no cost to your company. Just have your employees click on the website below then follow the instructions to enter their bills. They can enter as many bills as they like. There is no limit. No personal medical information is required. Your member pays only if we save them money. The usual ROI is 2:1 or better.

This service is free to companies and is part of our StayFit Member Advocacy Program. Your members will like this benefit. Click on the site below then click on Enter Patient Billing Info and start saving big!

So don't wait. Share this with your employees/members and friends today.

Negotiate Your Bill Now!