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Consumer Directed Health Plans – HSA
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Simplicity Health Plans has implemented a complete solution for CDHP with its point-of- service claims adjudication and payment technology via the Web for both its Small Group (2-300) plans and mid to large size self funded employers’ group health programs.

CLEVELAND, Ohio July 12, 2010 Cleveland-based Simplicity Health Plans now has advanced patent-pending technology via the Web to streamline claims costs, eliminate fraud, dispense with the debit card and seamlessly combine banking to administrate its clients’ self-funded CDHP and HSA accounts. It’s a simple comprehensive solution for CDHP that eliminates unnecessary cost.

Simplicity Health Plans announced today general availability of its Health Plan, which is the first Consumer Directed Health Plan that eliminates paperwork and medical fraud. The full solution healthcare system has at its cornerstone a proprietary and secure Internet-based, point-of-service payment system which has no need or requirement for insurance forms, member bills or debit cards. Simplicity Health Plans clinically edits, adjudicates and pays claims at the point-of-service. The result: simplified claims and HSA administration that integrates banking via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, plus reduced cost and medical fraud for a CDHP.The Internet-based system is proven, proprietary and secure. It aligns the interests of employers, employees and providers.

Simplicity has been in development for 18 years led by CEO, Gregory J. Hummer, M.D. It’s software processes group health claims for 98,000 employees of Arcelor Mittal ($98 billion dollar market cap), the largest VEBA in the US with assets of $550 million dollars.

Companies with 2 or more employees can use Simplicity. Simplicity’s latest client, YSK Corporation, a 180-person Japanese owned auto parts manufacturer and distributor, saved over $1 million dollars a year in premiums enabling it to transfer $375,000 in tax free cash to its employees, essentially, providing each employee with a zero deductible health plan and a huge tax free cash benefit. “We are now making it available to much larger self-funded companies. Our superior implementation of a CDHP does away with all the pitfalls of the current model and allows employers to get the most out of a CDHP with no disruption of their work force. In fact the work force gets healthy and wealthy at the same time”, said Dr. Hummer.

According to management at YSK, “Besides eliminating all the paperwork and bills that our employees used to get, our members are getting better healthcare coverage, and the company is saving more than $1 million in healthcare insurance costs per year.”

About Simplicity Health Plans: Simplicity Health Plans is a privately held Ohio company. It has built what is referred to as the “Holy Grail” for healthcare. Simplicity’s platform is unique in the industry and drastically decreases the cost of processing claims by offering point-of-service claims adjudication and payment technology. Simplicity is a patent-pending product and is patterned after its parent company’s established QuickPayNet software. The QuickPayNet software has been used via the Internet for the past 15 years nationwide to process workers’ compensation claims for over 50,000 employers. Simplicity Health Plans allows providers to register instantly and process their claims securely via the Web, eliminating the debit card and most fraud. Claims are automatically adjudicated against the plan, clinically edited, and then paid directly to the provider’s bank account within 72 hoursfor a significant discount. The technology does away with the need for insurance forms and billing the patien t. For the member, employer and provider it is Simple. Simplicity Health Plans provides a turnkey self-funded program for employers of all sizes from 2 employees on up. That includes the complete transaction solution, MGU services, Wellness, onsite Wellness Visits, unlimited inbound health coaching calls, a Stay Fit program, comparison shopper, completely integrated PBM & TPA services, including COBRA, UR/Case Management, HSA administration which is integrated to Banking and Claims, excess loss reinsurance, a host of on-line tools for Members and Providers and superb educational tools. Employers get on demand online real time claims data reports. The paper mess is gone! All communication is electronic.

Simplicity’s technology has taken a complicated opaque medical transaction and turned it into a simple banking transaction and streamlined the implementation of a Consumer Directed Health Plan and HSA adding transparency at the point of service. Its implementation of a CDHP is the best in the industry. It has eliminated cost, fraud, member hassle and creatively melded wellness into its offering for groups of all sizes. Now even the small employer can have access to the very best technology and low cost plans that have superior benefits complete with wellness programs. The health plan has five deductible levels, pays first dollar for screening tests and visits, has only one co-pay for Emergency Room visits and pays 100% of the allowed amount above the deductible. Simplicity aligns the interests of employers, employees and providers. For more information go to

Key Personnel Gregory J. Hummer, M.D., the Chairman & CEO, is the founder of QuickPayNet and Simplicity Health Plans. Dr. Hummer trained at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and has started several other healthcare companies. John Guiher, CPA MBA is the President and co-founder of Simplicity. The Vice Chairman, Steven Barrett was the CFO of Procter & Gamble’s $30 billion Global Fabric and Home Care Division and recent past CFO of Whirlpool Corporation.

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