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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To offer our Clients and their Employees an elite package of integrated, consumer-driven health plan tools that empower them to become responsible, health conscious, market-driven consumers of healthcare.

Our Vision:

  • To provide infrastructure that fosters lasting market-driven changes in the US Healthcare System
  • To eliminate fraud, paperwork and the confusion associated with traditional transactions
  • To save costs and to redistribute healthcare savings to Members, Employers & Providers
  • To empower our Members with the tools necessary to live healthier and wealthier lifestyles
  • To become the national standard for a consumer-driven healthcare system

Our Business Model - SaaS Transaction Integrator

Simplicity Health Plans is a transaction integrator that creates SaaS technologies for comprehensive consumer solutions
that offer an "End to End" cure for rising healthcare expenditures that includes the best implementation of a CDHP/HSA.
Simplicity Health Plans aligns the interests of the Provider, Employer, and the Employee to provide
a turn-key, fully integrated Consumer Directed Health platform, which fuses
unparalleled technology, point of service adjudication, real-time data, and anti-fraud
controls. Our technology portfolio includes: the Health Index Calculator™
(Health2Cash™ App); the StayFit Plan wellness platform; and the first of its kind,
the proven CDHP/HSA Point of Service payment system for healthcare.

We partner with TPAs, insurance companies and brokers to provide self funded
CDHP/HSA health plans, HSA administration, banking, and all other necessary services.
Plus a host of on-line tools for Providers, Employers and Members.

Plan Benefits

For the Employee

  • Convenience of selecting Providers who accept Simplicity Health Plans� price with paperless, rapid payment
  • Inspires a sense of personal responsibility for one�s health & define a greater awareness of costs
  • Employees have less anxiety over health decisions with physician guidance
  • Curbs spending and empowers Employee to assure accuracy of every bill
  • Saves time and frustration by eliminating forms, checks and debit cards
  • Greater wealth building with interest bearing HSAs and NO FEES
  • Access to StayFit Plan and 24/7 Telephonic Physician Consults
  • Greater confidence in managing health care expenses with on-line consumerism tools
  • Improved satisfaction with a high deductible benefit aligned with an employer Cash Advance
For the Provider
  • No collection costs or paperwork, substantially lowering the cost of doing business
  • No debit card transaction fees deducted from payments
  • Payment in 5-7 business days after adjudication and Employee approval
  • Easy-to-use paperless claim submission with integrated accounting system to track every claim
  • Eliminates credit risk with payment guarantee from Employee�s HSA and/or Employer�s integrated Cash Advance account

For the Employer

  • Employee relations improve and fears are reduced with the Employer integrated Cash Advance
  • Anti-fraud devices eliminate �piggy-back� fraud & defines valid employees and dependents
  • Employees get healthier, stay better fit, and are more productive with the StayFit Plan
  • Lower claims costs in the self-insured retention; savings are driven to the bottom line
  • Avoids the mismanagement of Debit Cards and Credit Cards
  • Eliminates human resource implementation hassles and headaches
  • Significant administrative cost savings
  • Billing errors decrease significantly
  • Lowers reinsurance costs
  • Flattened annual cost increases due to utilization control
  • Improved Employee financial wellness as HSA balance grows with interest tax-free
  • Real-time claims data (medical procedure codes and pharmacy data) enables
    IMMEDIATE intervention and Case Management supervision of emerging chronic and
    catastrophic claims
  • PEPM Fee makes Simplicity Health Plans a savings advocate with no profit incentive on expenditures
  • Integrated financial HSA accounting system for audit control with individual and group claims

Plan Features


  • On-line, real-time & transparent transaction information sharing between Members, Employers, Healthcare Partners & Providers
  • Real-time integration of all Member Services with Providers and Healthcare Partners
  • Easy-to-use on-line, real-time Employer and Member financial reporting
  • Paperless transactions; no insurance forms or snail mail
  • On-Line, real-time HSA Account Administration
  • Secure data exchange to Condition Management vendors
  • Biometric secure data exchange for early identification and outreach
  • Biometric risk statification files available
  • Streamlined online administration of tobacco affidavit
  • Data exchanges are HIPAA compliant


  • Line item billing procedures helps eliminate fraud and theft typically associated with Debit Cards, Credit Cards
  • Comprehensive Employee audit & validation requirements with Dependent Eligibility Program
  • PIN Codes and on-line, anti-fraud Security Photos for Employees and Dependents
  • On-line real-time Member bill approval, denial or hold system
  • Financial Auditing of each transaction
  • Member HSA overdraft protection with an integrated Employer Cash Advance
  • Simple HSA account management for Employers, Members and Providers
  • Direct deposits for Employers, Members and Providers
  • Automated real-time withdrawals for Employers and Members
  • All transactions are ACH and paperless

Simplicity Health Plans Management Team

Simplicity Health Plans�s core Management Team is an experienced group of medical services, software development, insurance and entrepreneurial practitioners. They contribute well over 100 years of relevant experience, backed by a number of successful medical ventures, to Simplicity Health Plans corporate knowledge base.

Name & Title Relevant Experience
Dr. Gregory J. Hummer, M.D.
Chairman and CEO

16 years experience as a trauma surgeon
Managed a practice of over 100 physicians
Co-founded a successful start-up, IVY Medical Group, which developed 12 ambulatory medical centers
Co-founded PBM Corporation, a 15 year old successful software development company that created the underlying technology for Simplicity Health Plans (technology now processing close to $5 billion in annual medical claims)
R. Stephen Barrett
Vice Chairman

26 years experience in high level corporate financial positions, most recently as Group CFO for Procter & Gamble Global Fabric & Home Care Division and CFO of Whirlpool Corporation
Key strategy positions in launch and building of new brands, to include “Aleve” pain medication
Extensive experience in business organization & value creation
John Guiher, CPA

25 years experience in software development for medical & financial applications
CIO for IVY Medical Group
Co-founded PBM Corporation
James J. Hummer
President, Luxemburg Capital

25+ years in human resources consulting and onsite medical clinic administration
Co-founded IVY Medical Group
Founded Whole Health Management and for 19 years successfully delivered medical services to many large national corporations, providing on-site services to over 300,000 employees